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The MOTOWORKS Quad-Axis Mirror - Black

The MOTOWORKS Quad-Axis Mirror - Black


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  • There's a million different mirrors out there. But we were never happy with the options. Some looked cool but they didn't have the features we wanted, or even worse, it was the other way around. So we decided to make our own, designed and manufactured in the USA.

    With four degrees of adjustment, the Quad Axis Mirror can be positioned for the perfect rear view. Swing the arm outwards for a clear view, or swing it inwards when parking in a tight space. Adjustability allows the mirror to be placed correctly in nearly every situation.

    The Quad Axis Mirror is designed to mount to a 7/8" or 22mm handlebar using only one bolt. Adjustments are quick and simple, and the convex mirror only moves when re-positioned by the user. Can be used with CRG, BC and Joker Machine adapters for 1" Bars.

    The Quad Axis Mirror is CNC-machined from aluminum and finished with a durable anodized coating.

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