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Synto Evo Clutch and Brake Levers

Synto Evo Clutch and Brake Levers


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  • ABM Synto Evo Levers, Engineered for comfort, performance, adjustable, and great looks!
    Price is for Brake and Clutch Levers

    • 2 lever-end components supplied with each lever! Choose between Sport (long) or Racing (short), 3/4" difference in length
    • Sport version has a ventilation slot so that air pressure will not activate the brake lever at higher speeds
    • 6 increments of adjustment, adjustable while riding
    • Precision CNC machined lever, made in Germany
    • Unrivaled design, outstanding finish
    • Ideal ergonomics for any size hand
    • Available for brake and clutch
    • Replaceable lever-end!

    Lever is available in Black, Silver and Titanium
    Adjuster is available in Black, Red and Silver
    Lever ends are black (short and long)

    These are available for most models, please send message with model and colors you would like