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OptiMate USB Device Charger

OptiMate USB Device Charger


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  • OptiMate USB Charger

    The TecMate OptiMate is a smart USB charger that will automatically turn itself off to prevent parasitic drains on your battery. This charger is optimized for use with all battery types including traditional lead-acid, AGM and lithium. Just plug this charger into an existing SAE connection on your bike, plug in a USB cable and charge up your smartphone or any other device that charges via USB.


    • Compatible with lead-acid, AGM and lithium batteries
    • 13.3V voltage level that triggers stand-by countdown timer (engine OFF / vehicle charge voltage too low)
    • 1 hour allowed before engaging standby mode (engine OFF, USB charge ON)
    • Low voltage over-ride (will force stand-by mode / turn off immediately): <12.4V
    • Stand-by / battery monitor mode (LED flash every 5 seconds): LED ‘LFP’ 13.1V – 13.3V, LED ‘AGM’ 12.4V – 13.1V
    • Voltage when USB ON after standby (engine ON, vehicle battery charging, USB turns ON): ≥ 13.3V
    • Weatherproof seal against inserted USB cable, or ‘rideproof’ cap seals when not in use – Worry free phone, camera or GPS charging in any weather
    • Model # O-100V3