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Optimate USB-C Smart Charger

Optimate USB-C Smart Charger


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  • The sealed in-line battery to motorcycle USB-C charger (3300mA) with 200cm / 80″ of cable and O-31 battery lead, delivers safe and fast USB charging of any device mounted outside on the handlebar or inside your tank or pannier – Cable routes to where USB charging is needed!

    The O-118 motorcycle usb c charger is ideal for connection to 12V AGM & 12.8V LiFeP04 / LFP lithium batteries, found in your motorcycle.The O-118 motorcycle usb c charger charges your phone, GPS, camera or tablet.Ideal for 12V AGM & 12.8V LiFeP04 / LFP lithium batteries in your motorcycle – Charge your phone, GPS, camera or tablet.


    3300mA motorcycle usb c charger at 5V.
    Charges 1x USB device with up to 3300mA current available Charge current adapts to connected device for safe recharging.


    O-118 motorcycle USB c charger cable length + O-31 battery cable extension.
    O-118 motorcycle USB C charger with M6 / 1/4″ rings and SAE connection.
    Supply cable (50cm / 20″) with M6 / 1/4″ rings fit all powersport battery terminalsFuse protected!




    Vehicle battery Volts ≥ 13.3V: USB on.
    Built in protection turns off USB charging & prevents your parked vehicle’s LFP (LiFePO4) or AGM (Pb)battery from draining.
    Rated for normal T° and outdoor use.