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OptiMate 1 DUO Battery Charger / Maintainer

OptiMate 1 DUO Battery Charger / Maintainer


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  • OptiMate 1 Duo Battery Charger

    Ideal for standard lead-acid batteries, AGM and Gel batteries as well as Lithium batteries, the OptiMate 1 Duo is a fully automatic charger and maintainer. This complete kit includes a set of alligator clips as well as a fused battery harness. There's an automatic shut down if short-circuited or the battery is disconnected.


    • Automatically saves, charges and maintains your 12.8V / 13.2V Lithium (LifePO4 / LFP) or 12V lead-acid (STD, AGM, GEL) battery
    • Adaptive charge program adjusts to battery type and condition
    • OptiMate’s 24-7 smart maintenance guarantees more battery power and a longer battery life
    • Dust proof plug-in case, with 12ft / 370cm charge lead ending in SAE connector
    • Weatherproof battery lead & battery clip set
    • 3-year limited warranty
    • Model # TM409