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Ohlins STX 46 Adventure Shock - Harley Davidson Pan America

Ohlins STX 46 Adventure Shock - Harley Davidson Pan America


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  • The Öhlins STX 46 Adventure shock absorber is a major performance upgrade for most major models in the adventure category. With its classic monotube design and large 46-mm piston, the STX 46 Adventure shock delivers maximum performance wherever your adventure takes you. Available in a wide range of configurations, this shock is designed to fit in virtually any mounting space—no matter the constraints.


    Unleash the ultimate performance from your Harley-Davidson Pan America (2022–2023) with the Öhlins STX46 Adventure shock absorber. Do not fit S version with adaptive ride height

    Adjustable rebound, compression and hydraulic preload adjuster

    A monotube, gas-pressurized rear shock, the STX46 Adventure is equipped with a piggyback reservoir for optimal pressure balance and temperature control under extreme riding conditions. With adjustable compression and rebound damping, you can fine-tune the shock’s behavior to match your riding style and preferences.


    This version of the STX46 Adventure comes with a hose-mounted hydraulic preload adjuster, which allows you to adjust the spring preload for weight variations—no extra tools required.



    Öhlins STX technology
    Monotube shock with piggyback reservoir
    High-pressure nitrogen gas-charged design
    46-mm piston diameter
    Adjustable rebound and compression damping
    Hose-mounted hydraulic spring preload adjuster
    Adjustable preload with tool
    Top-level comfort, rideability, and performance
    Hard-anodized precision CNC-machined components
    Low-friction shaft and seal head design
    Fully serviceable and repairable