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Ohlins Nix 22 Front Fork Cartridge Kit FKS - Triumph Classics

Ohlins Nix 22 Front Fork Cartridge Kit FKS - Triumph Classics


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  • Nix 22 Cartridge Kit for Triumph Classics

    Complete kit - Includes 1 liter of Ohlins fork oil and Springs - Cheaper pricing found elsewhere is only for the cartridge kit.

    We will follow up after you place order for rider weight and riding style

    Öhlins cartridge kits are based on our experience learned through decades of testing and racing in high tier championships. Our cartridge kits deliver loads of performance together with stable damping characteristics while ensuring great comfort and contributing to rider confidence. With the NIX22 cartridge kits this now available for motorcycles with conventional front forks.

    Each Öhlins cartridge kit has been tested extensively and tailor made to suit the individual requirements and characteristics for each individual bike. In combination with the well proven “NIX” design which features compression damping in the left leg and rebound damping in the right leg, it allows for a more precise function and stability. All adjustments including spring preload are made at the top cap.

    The cartridge system fits into the original front fork

    Available for:
    2008-2015 Thruxton 900 (FKS 208)
    2016+ Street Twin / Street Cup (FKS 214)
    2016+ T100 (FKS 215)
    2016+ T120 (FKS 216)
    2016+ Thruxton 1200 (FKS 218)- also fits 2019-2020 speed twin with custom spacer (not provided)
    2017+ Bobber (FKS 219)


    FKS 218 ships 4/11