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Nitron TVT22 Cartridge Kit - Harley Davidson Sportster S

Nitron TVT22 Cartridge Kit - Harley Davidson Sportster S


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  • Nitron TVT fork cartridges feature a large bore 22mm piston which provides significant improvements in performance over the OEM set up and ensures consistency during prolonged periods of use. All vital components are hard anodised. Developed and tested in conjunction with some of the world’s leading race teams, independent adjustment control of rebound and compression damping is both easy to use and extremely effective.

    The damping control system consists of an adjustable compression cartridge for installation into the left fork leg and an adjustable rebound cartridge for the right fork leg. Both offer independent damping and pre-load adjustment via the uniquely styled fork top caps. In addition to this, key feature of the TVT Fork Cartridge Kit is the third, high speed damping valve incorporated into the compression cartridge. The valve is pre-set to react to high-speed, hard edge bumps which normally unsettle a well damped set up especially when combined with hard braking and cornering forces. The result is a balance of performance, stability and compliance which give very high levels of rider confidence and ultimate control.

    • Large bore 22 piston ensuring consistency throughout prolonged use
    • Separate rebound and compression adjustment
    • preload adjustment
    • include springs
    • TVT high speed damping valve in the compression cartridge

    recommended fork oil: