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Motogadget Motoscope Chronoclassic 2 10K Tachometer / Speedometer

Motogadget Motoscope Chronoclassic 2 10K Tachometer / Speedometer


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  • More than 20 years of experience have gone into the development of motogadget's flattest and most innovative round instrument.

    The diameter of 80mm in relation to a depth of only 22mm enables an extremely filigree design and new possibilities for integration in the vehicle.

    When switched off, a closed, black dial ensures the perfect look: modern, minimalist and timelessly classic at the same time. The digital display, an in-house development by motogadget, consists of a matrix of 512 tiny, super-bright red LEDs and shines through the dial - unique on the accessories market.

    Perfectly legible even in direct sunlight, the display has two lines. The top line shows the gear and speed and the bottom line shows values that can be changed at the touch of a button. The illuminated pointer, perfectly illuminated backlighting and automatic brightness adjustment of the matrix LEDs ensure optimum readability even in dark surroundings.

    11 virtual indicator lights are invisible when switched off and shine through the dial.

    The Chronoclassic 2 speaks the language of all modern vehicle BUS systems and is easy to install thanks to our Plug & Ride versions. With the supplied vehicle bracket and the included vehicle plug, can be swapped with the original instrument in just a few minutes. A dismantling is possible at any time. (Coming soon)


    Generic use on carburetor models with a motogadget breakout box.

    Generic functions in connection with a breakout box B:

    (Plug & Ride functionality is vehicle-specific and may vary)

    Digital indicator lights:
    - Alarm
    - Reserve
    - Oil temperature / water temperature
    - Motor control
    - ABS
    - Oil pressure switch
    - Turn signal left
    - Turn signal right
    - High beam
    - Neutral
    - Warning light
    illuminated in white, depending on the scale 0-8kRPM, 0-10kRPM, 0-14kRPM, 0-200 km/h or mph

    Digital display:
    - Gear indicator
    - Speed [km/h/mph]
    - Trip A 999.9 [km/mi]
    - Trip B 999.9 [km/mi]
    - Odometer 999999 [km/mi]
    - Speed 0-14,000 [rpm]
    - Oil temperature [°C / °F]
    - Water temperature [°C/°F]
    - Air temperature [°C/°F]
    - Oil pressure [bar/psi]
    - Operating hours counter [h]
    - Travel time [h:mm:ss]
    - Clock
    - Time measurement 0-100 km/h
    - Acceleration [G]
    - Average speed [km/h/mph]
    - Maximum speed [km/h/mph]
    - Maximum positive acceleration [G]
    - Maximum negative acceleration [G]
    - Maximum speed [rpm]
    - On-board voltage [V]
    - Fuel gauge [%]

    Adjustable warning messages:

    - Oil temperature
    - Water temperature
    - On-board voltage
    - Air temperature
    - Oil pressure
    - Tank capacity
    - Service Interwall
    - Speed warning (gearshift flash)


    1 Instrument motoscope chronoclassic 2

    Please order accessories not included separately:

    Breakout Box A or B to hookup warning lights, sensor inputs

    Motogadget Breakout Box A for Motoscope Pro MG1005040

    Motogadget Breakout Box B for Motoscope Pro MG1005041
    Universal: Standard retaining plate, CNC milled, aluminium, black anodized, for drilling / bending / cutting to length

    Mounting plate slim, CNC milled, aluminum, black anodized, extra narrow with integrated instrument clamp, for drilling / bending / cutting to length