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Highsider LED Sequential LED Turn Signals - Black - Pair

Highsider LED Sequential LED Turn Signals - Black - Pair


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  • HIGHSIDER LED Sequence flasher STS 1, E-approved
    For front / rear suitable.

    Shapely flasher housing made of aluminum. Dark glass, clear edges alternating with slight curves give the Indicators a modern design. With the STS 1 LED turn signal, which fits perfectly to almost every machine, thanks to the modern running light system, you can now use a modern flashing light and add a new special design element.

    The LED technology with its many individual light sources makes it possible:
    If the individual LEDs light up one after the other when flashing, an optical wiping effect, a kind of light band from the inside to the outside. Known by some well-known car manufacturers, this modern technology is now also available for the motorcycle.

    - Width: 68 mm
    - Width with stem: 82 mm
    - Height: 20 mm
    - Depth: 23 mm
    - Threaded bolt: M8 x 20 mm

    Yellow cable = indicator (+)
    Black cable= Mass (-)

    Supply: 1pair

    LED indicators work with less watts than standard indicators. Therefore it may be necessary to replace the original relay with a load equalizers.