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Evotech Performance Radiator Guard - Triumph Speed / Scrambler 400

Evotech Performance Radiator Guard - Triumph Speed / Scrambler 400


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  • Features of EP Radiator Guard Set for Triumph Scrambler / Speed 400
    • Constructed from aerospace quality aluminium for lightness and rigidity
    • Designed to provide maximum protection from stones and other road debris
    • EP hexagonal matrix hole-pattern maintains airflow for required cooling
    • EP products are fabricated to ensure a secure, precise fit and easy installation
    • Finished coating on the guard is durable black powder coat
    • All fasteners and fixtures included
    • Fitting instructions available to download
    What is the reason for fitting an EP Radiator Guard?

    The EP Radiator Guard protects the Triumph Scrambler / Speed 400 X radiator from damage by road debris, while at the same time allowing all-important cooling air to pass through. The radiator cooling fins easily bend from flung debris and can restrict cooling air, which could lead to overheating. Also, the radiator's internal aluminium core can be holed by large or small stones. A seriously damaged radiator can leak coolant to make the motorcycle inoperable through overheating and can lead to engine damage. Replacing a split radiator is very expensive compared to the purchase price of an EP Radiator Guard.