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Evotech Performance Radiator Guard - 2021+ Triumph Trident

Evotech Performance Radiator Guard - 2021+ Triumph Trident


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  • Features of EP Radiator Guard for Triumph Trident
    • Precision-made all-aluminium radiator guard with high strength to weight ratio
    • Designed to be easily fitted by the owner
    • Hexagonal matrix hole-pattern is a perfect defence against stones without restricting airflow
    • The EP guard is formed to follow exactly the lines of the radiator
    • The guard uses existing mounting points with no additional modifications required
    • Durable black powder coated finish
    • Anti-vibration pads are included
    • Fitting instructions available to download


    Why would a Triumph Trident require a radiator guard?

    EP radiator guards are designed to protect a motorcycle radiator from damage caused by road debris, while allowing essential cooling air to pass through. Regardless of engine capacity and overall performance, without a quality radiator guard in place the radiator cooling fins can get hammered and stone chippings, flung from the front tyre or passing traffic, can hole the radiator core. As a fragile and intricate component, the Trident radiator is very difficult to repair (in most cases beyond economical repair) and expensive to replace.