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EK ThreeD Black / Gold Chain - Z Series 520 - 120 Links

EK ThreeD Black / Gold Chain - Z Series 520 - 120 Links


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  • EK Chain set out to produce a premium chain that was as beautiful as it is strong.  An impressive outer plate shape that offers a curved form to reduce weight and increase appeal is connected together with inner plates and pins that feature lightening holes to further reduce mass.

    - Half of a pound lighter than most any other current high performance chain

    - The exclusive SX2 Ring leads to 30% reduction of friction (compared with our exsisting products).

    - Chromium Carbide pin surface coating increases hardness and reduces chain wear.

    - Our ThreeD parts are precisely manufactured, leading to a great improvement of transmission efficiency.

    - 120 links

    we use these chains on all of our builds

    520 Chain