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Classicbike Raisch Short Aluminum Front Fender - Thruxton R / RS / TFC

Classicbike Raisch Short Aluminum Front Fender - Thruxton R / RS / TFC


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  • Alloy front mudguard short for Thruxton 1200 R - RS - TFC including bracket.

    Many have been eagerly awaiting a really nice short, crisp wing that lies flat over the front wheel, is narrower & significantly shorter than the original. The Short Front Fender for the Thruxton is just that. It gives the front end of the bike the right line.
    The original wing as well as the brackets are simply far too wide and clunky. A real cafe racer needs a narrow mudguard that lies nice and flat over the front wheel!

    The wing is supplied with black aluminium brackets.

    The fender is available in polished, matt brushed, black or black gloss powder-coated.
    Also ideal for painting (see photos of the blue Thruxton). For this, it is best to talk to your trusted painter beforehand whether he would like to have the wing polished in aluminium or better coated in black (as the coating is already a bit like a primer, i.e. you should not expect a smooth surface here as with a paint job).

    Black high gloss powder coated: Due to the extremely high-quality powder used, this coating comes very close to a glossy black paint finish (see photos)!
    However, you should not expect a 100% perfect surface as from a painter who has primed and sanded the wing beforehand.

    The last photos are examples to show the difference between matt and gloss black.