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ClassicBike Raisch LED Stripe Tail Light / Tail Tidy - Thruxton 1200 R/RS

ClassicBike Raisch LED Stripe Tail Light / Tail Tidy - Thruxton 1200 R/RS


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  • Classicbike-Raisch LED stripe tail suitable for all Triumph Thruxton 1200 models. Street legal! We only stock the RS version at this time.

    The LED Stripe rear is the most noble & elegant rear for Thruxton, which we lead in our assortment.
    The rear of your 1200 Thruxton is given a minimalist & modern look with this kit, through the filigree milling bracket and the modern LED strip & completely legal!
    The taillight including brake light is with E-number and the tail complies with all StvO standards. Here nothing needs to be registered with the TÜV. Simply attach & enjoy.

    The LED bracket milled from aluminum is specially designed for the original Triumph hump seat of the Thruxton 1200 models and fits absolutely perfectly to this seat.
    Even with the original 2 man seat, the LED tail looks absolutely awesome!

    The bracket for the LED strip is milled from an aluminum block in Germany, then glass bead blasted and then anodized deep black. This results in an incredibly noble Black Pearl surface.
    The LED strip (with E-number) is then glued into the milled bracket. Thus, the part looks like from a single cast.

    Included in the kit is an aluminum underbody shell, which replaces the original plastic shell.
    The underside shell serves as a splash guard and on the other hand, some electronic parts are attached to it, just like on the original one.

    The kit includes all materials, such as screws, cable ties, heat shrink tubing, sleeves, etc., as well as a very detailed step by step instructions to ensure an easy & problem-free installation.

    Below the description, you can buy accessories such as turn signals, discounted as a set together.

    License plate holder: The kit is delivered WITHOUT a license plate holder.

    Since the kit with a central as well as with a lateral license plate holder simply looks cool!
    Our recommendations:
    Option 1: License plate bracket for under light

    Option 2: Side license plate holder Classicbike Raisch Side Mount Axle Mount License Plate Bracket – 2016 + Triumph Classics

    Option 3: Tucked License Plate Bracket: New Rage Cycles Tucked License Plate Bracket Only – Thruxton 1200 / R

    Turn signal:

    We recommend Motogadget tens, mo.blaze pin, Rizoma Club, legerra, Vision

    In the milling bracket is on both sides of an 8 hole, which allows any turn signal with an M8 thread to mount. The turn signal is held by a grub screw, which is included.
    Who does not want to mount a turn signal on the bracket (because he would prefer to have them, for example, inside the shock), which can order the turn signal plugs (further down in this description) to. These then serve as blind plugs for the turn signal hole.

    Further down in this description, you can order all, to the rear matching turn signals, from our range in the bundle. Our recommendation are the Motogadget Tens turn signals (these are also installed in the product photos).
    Note to the Kellermann Atto turn signals: Who wants to install these on the bracket, which still needs the Kellermann M5 to M8 adapter to it.
    In the bundle you are automatically granted a discount of 10% on all turn signals.


    License plate bracket not included. Not plug and play.