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Biltwell EXFIL-7 Bag

Biltwell EXFIL-7 Bag


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  • Biltwell EXFIL-7 Bag

    Like other DIY parts and accessories in our line, the EXFIL-7 is customizable for different applications and mounting locations. On our personal bikes we've mounted heavily laden EXFIL-7 bags on the frame's down tubes, above the headlight on tall and mid-sized handlebars, and of course on both sides of our sissy bar (in front of the taillight and behind the rider's lower back.) EXFIL-7's MOLLE strap configuration and four reinforced leather straps with nickel-plated buckles easily facilitates this wide range of mounting options.

    • Integrated MOLLE system
    • YKK Zippers
    • Duraflex Buckles
    • UV Treated 1680 ballistic polyester
    • Detachable mounting straps are made of PVC
    • PVC backed for increased water resistance

    Overview: EXFIL is military parlance for "exfiltrate" which means, "Get the hell out of there as fast and organized as possible." EXFIL-7 is the first component in our rugged, function-forward line of collapsible transport and storage gear for action-oriented motorcycle enthusiasts. Unlike model-specific luggage for adventure bikes or the wild west-themed satchels popular with retro chopperheads, the Biltwell EXFIL-7 combines modern materials and construction with military-tested retention and expansion technology to create luggage that works even tougher than it looks. The "7" in this bag's name refers to the number of 12-oz. beer cans that can be stored and transported in its padded main compartment. Other Biltwell EXFIL bags will utilize this naming convention to help riders calculate the volume of equipment every bag will carry.

    Compartment dimensions:
    Main: 11" wide x 5.75" deep x 4.75" wide
    Large pocket: 9.75" wide x 5.75" deep with 8.0" opening
    Small pocket: 5.75" wide x 4.25" deep with 4.5" opening