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British Customs Predator Pro Exhaust Slip Ons

British Customs Predator Pro Exhaust Slip Ons


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  • The Predator Pro exhaust pipes are fabricated from one piece of 304 stainless steel that makes them incredibly durable and eliminates the ugly seams you usually get with rolled exhaust systems. The Predator Pros are mounted with rubber bushings to isolates engine vibration and significantly reduces bracket fatigue, extending the longevity of your investment. Each system is handcrafted using precise techniques. While these pipes may appear similar to other pipes on the market, the quality is dramatically superior.


    • Increased horsepower
    • Killer exhaust tone
    • Revolutionary one-piece design made from 304 stainless steel for durability and quality
    • Innovative HVO™ technology that improves performance with uninterrupted airflow
    • Quiet Core baffle inserts available separately to reduce volume level
    • Compatible with center stand
    • Available in brushed or polished finish to match header pipes
    • Made in USA