CLOSEOUT – X-Arc LED Turn Signals by HighTechSpeed – Red/Red only

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X-Arc signals set a new standard in brightness and quality.
They are only 0.875″ in diameter and produce more than 500 lumens of light per side. They are by far the brightest signals you can buy. But don’t take our word for it – look below for the proof.

We have used these on a lot of our builds for customers.

These are the latest version that have the fix to resolve issue with 2016+ triumphs.

X-Arc signals are CNC machined from solid aluminum, then given a perfect brushed finish, and finally anodized in either clear (silver/satin) or black to provide a thick and incredibly durable coating. The internal circuit board contains a 32-bit RISC microcontroller that carefully controls the LED’s for maximum brightness and performance, ensuring the X-Arc signals are blindingly bright.
We stock Black, please inquire about satin or chrome finish (to be released)
Price is per pair

The X-Arc signals are available in three models:
X-Arc Red: Single color, dual intensity red – ideal for a running light and brake light.
X-Arc Yellow: Single color, dual intensity yellow – ideal for a running light and turn signal.
X-Arc Duo: Dual color (red and yellow), dual intensity – ideal for a running light, brake light and turn signal. The X-Arc light has the internal control circuitry to turn off the brake when the turn signal activates, so no eternal module is required.

Made in the USA

These are the brightest turn signals available, see for yourself:

Installation is easy. X-Arc signals mount using a standard 5/16″ bolt, and the wiring passes through the center of the bolt for a clean look. All mounting hardware is included.

X-Arc lights are programmable. There are eight turn signal settings and eleven brake light settings. They come preset to function just as an OEM light would, or you can use the included magnetic switch to change the program to any of the pre-loaded settings.
First, the X-Arc signals should be installed and wired correctly according to the instructions.
Second, with the X-Arc signals turned on and active as running lights, place the programming magnet against the signal within the magnet activation area.
Then, each time the signal is activated, the program will be advanced to the next setting. The setting is saved in permanent memory inside the signal and it will flash with the pre-programmed setting each time.

To program and X-Arc Yellow signal connected to your turn signals, turn on your bike and place the magnet in the activation area. Turn on your turn signal – each time the signal flashes, the program will advance to the next setting. Once it reaches the last setting, it will go back to the first setting. Once the magnet is removed the setting is saved.

The process for programming X-Arc Red signals is the same – but if the signals are connected to your brakes, then each time you activate the brake, the program will move to the next setting.

To program X-Arc Duo signals, place the magnet in the activation area and turn on the bike. Then, each time the brake is activated, the pattern will advance to the next setting. And each time the turn signal is activated, the blinker pattern will advance to the next setting.

The magnetic activation area is shown below:

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X-Arc Red, X-Arc Yellow, X-Arc Duo (Multifunction)