Triumph Twin Power Fire Starter Stage 1 Ignitor


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Since 2007 Triumph Twin Power have been the innovators of remapping OEM Triumph twin igniter units for more power and a higher rev limit. Now you can buy a performance igniter unit with our highly acclaimed ignition advance maps installed, for all carb model Triumph twins.

Our unit is “Plug & Play”, no programming and no need to figure out which maps to use. The correct maps for your bike are already installed, just position the unit, plug it in and away you go.

Our modified ignition advance curves have been dyno developed and modified in just the right places to give you more power & torque. Our curves don’t suffer from hot or cold start problems like other after market units and have in-built technology to greatly reduce deceleration popping.

Stage 1

The stage 1 is for every bike, from an OEM engine with no modifications to an engine with improved induction and exhaust breathing, you will feel a difference!

Additional stages available on request, send Inquiry

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America/Scrambler (270 degree), Bonneville/Thruxton (360 Degree)

Bonneville / T100 Carb 2001 - 2008
Scrambler Carb 2006 - 2008
Thruxton 900 Carb 2004 - 2008