OUTEX Tubeless Spoke Wheel Kit




OUTEX Tubeless Spoke Wheel Conversion Kits

We are now offering this kit after personally installing on customer bikes and our shop Thruxtons.
Plain and simple, it works.
This is the most complete kit on the market. If you follow the install instructions, the kits work great!

We are now stocking for the following models:
Thruxton R – 17X3.5F and 17×5.0R
2001-2015 Thruxton 900/Bonneville/Scrambler – 17/18X2.5/2.75  and 17/18X3.5
Bonneville T120/Street Scrambler – 18/19X2.5/2.75F and 17X4.25R

Due to the nature of the kit, no returns will be allowed.

“Features of the OUTEX clear tubeless kits”
1. Greatly reduced risk of blowouts
2. Improved handling, less unsprung weight
3. Race proven and popular with many factory riders in Japan
4. Easy application and durable construction
5. Tyre changes made quick and easy
6. Specialised, clear, triple layer construction
7. Easily repairable in the event of a snapped spoke

Check out the video, Click and Go → https://youtu.be/ikKeVNBAmQQ or https://youtu.be/LA2upKfcA9w
Or please search the following title on YouTube.
OUTEX Tubeless kit for spoke rim

Kit includes:

①Pre-cut nipple tapes
②Double sided sealing tape
③Protective sheet
④Air valves
⑤White cotton gloves
⑥OUT☆EX sticker and hologram sticker ⑦English Instruction manual

The materials selected for this kit have been proven to be highly durable with regards heat resistance (up to 140 degrees Celsius), weather resistance and adhesion.
Tape left over after initial installation can be used for repairs such as spoke replacement.
Installation of the tubeless kit requires some basic mechanical skills and knowledge.

Other things needed for the installation process:
degreaser/brake/parts cleaner, alkaline detergent, clean cloth/rag, scissors, tapered cutter knife, sand paper(#100-200)

All product is made for use as directed, but Outex and A&J Cycles are not responsible for product failure due to incorrect application and/or damage during application, tire changes and the like.

FAQ of the tubeless kit
Q1 How difficult is the installation process?
A1 You don’t need to have a special skills or talent, just read the enclosed instruction in advance and follow carefully.

Q2 Should I be worried about the potential of air leaks/deflation after installation?
A2 Please read and understand the contents of the installation sheet before attempting to install.
When you install it correctly, it will surely not have any leaks. In the rare event there was some installation issue or damage causing an air leak we have included repairing tape.

Q3 How can I remove the bumps of the welded rim?
A3 Even if there are bumps, usually that it does not cause any leaks. However it is recommended to remove the bumps.

Q4 Is there any way to check success of the installation prior to using the wheel?
A4 Immediately after installation, the adhesion of the tape is not at full strength, so take care when fitting tire on the rim. After the tire has been fitted, put the air pressure in 36 PsI – 2.5 kilo, Then put it in the water tank for you to see and check if there is any air leak , Before riding, be sure to adjust tire pressure as recommended by the tire manufacturer.

Q5 what kind of durability/life can I expect from my Outex tubeless kit?
A5 The durability/life of the main tape used in our kit is subject to many variables, however as a guide in outdoors usage it is about 5-10 years provided it is not exposed to UV for extended periods of time, Because of its intended application area on the internal of a wheel rim and therefore removed from any UV exposure the expected durability (assuming no damage from user) is excellent and towards the upper end of the time frame previously mentioned.

Q6 How can I repair or replace damaged spokes?
A6 By rotating the nipple you can remove the spokes, if you can’t remove some parts of it. Please cut the protection seal and the double sided tape around the nipple in question, then after removal and replacement of the spokes be sure to put a seal and double sided tape again for the new spokes repair area.

Q7 If there is rain or if I would have a car wash is there any possibility for the water to get in to the tire.
A7 There is almost zero possibility for the water to get in because of the adhesive tape strength and the air pressure,

Q8 After installing my tubeless kit is it better to use tubeless tires?
A8 Basically we recommend you to use the tubeless tires, but some users are also using the tube type tire, and there is no report such as air leak. But the usage of the tube tire doesn’t have any guarantee.
But our company and our professional riders (many ex-factory racers) did extensive testing in extreme conditions and there was no air leaks at all.

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Thruxton R/1200, 2001-2015 Bonneville/Thruxton/Scrambler, Bonneville T120/Street Scrambler