Kriega UScombo70 Drypack System


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Kriega UScombo70 Drypack System

The Kriega UScombo70 is a 70-liter capacity, 100% waterproof, modular tail pack system. It’s composed of a US-30 Drypack functioning as an anchor for the system, flanked by a set of US-20 Drypacks. This unique design solution secures the base US-30 bag directly to the motorcycle sub-frame (or any solid section) beneath the seat using included webbing buckle loops and Alloy Hook Straps. The US-20 attaches securely to either side of the US-30 using two further included sets of Alloy Hook Straps.

All US packs in this combo also come equipped with removable shoulder and waist straps, so they can be carried courier style, on or off the bike. The US-30 or US-20s can also be used individually or in other configurations, such as the US-30 with a US-20 on top. Once connected together they can be removed as one single luggage block. The US-20 can also be used as a tank bag, with the addition of an optional US Tank adapter.

Kriega US Drypacks can be mounted inline or across the seat, and can also be used effectively on motorcycle racks or metal pannier tops by attaching 1 x set of the supplied webbing buckle loops to the item in question and following the same procedure as fitting to a motorcycle.


  • (1) Kriega US-30 Drypack
  • (2) Kriega US-20 Drypacks
  • (3) sets of US Alloy Hook Straps
  • (3) sets of shoulder and waist straps

Drypack Features:

  • 100% waterproof main body
  • 420D Cordura Lite construction
  • HYPALON: abrasion resistant re-enforcement
  • DRYPACK:  removable tape-seamed liner (white)
  • Acetal ITW Airloc buckles
  • YKK water-resistant zips
  • US-30 dimensions: 445mm H x 295mm W x 225mm D (17.5″ H x 11.6″ W x 8.9″ D)
  • US-20 dimensions: 400mm H x 260mm W x 190mm D (15.7″ H x 10.2″ W x 7.5″ D)
  • 70-liter combined capacity
  • 10-year guarantee

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