Classicbike Raisch Headlight and Gauge Lowering Kit – Triumph Thruxton R / 1200 and Speed Twin


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This kit moves the original headlight and the speedometer of the Thruxton 1200 / R and Speed Twin  models further down.

Very often and for a long time we sat in front of our Thruxton and thought it was a sharp bike! But something just doesn’t fit. Something is not really right in the front game!
After a few reflections, drawings and beers, it was clear to us that the headlight and the speedometer were simply too high. The position of the headlights messed up the beautiful, flat & straight line of the motorcycle.
So Classicbike Raisch developed a kit that lowers the headlight and the speedometer by 4 cm. In addition, the headlight moves 1.5 cm closer to the motorcycle and is no longer so far forward.
The kit consists of 2 CNC milled aluminum lamp holders, a milled speedometer lowering and screws.
The lamp holder can be exchanged for the original plug & play. The speedometer lowering is simply screwed between the speedometer mount and the speedometer. Installation time about 10 minutes.

We have rarely had a part in our range that brings such a positive change to the motorcycle with so little effort.
Since pictures say more than a thousand words, just look at the pictures!

The kit is available in deep black anodized Or raw aluminum.
In raw aluminum, the holders and the lowering are perfect for polishing, then fits very nicely with the original fork bridge, which is also polished on the Thruxton R.

Made in Germany

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