British Customs Retro Tail Light and License Plate Bracket – Triumph Bobber and Bobber Black


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The British Customs Retro Tail Light is designed to fit right into the stock location, replacing the OEM housing and license plate. The round LED brake light fits in seamlessly with any custom modern-retro build. The Retro Tail Light streamlines the tail section of the bike by bolting directly onto the stock rear mudguard, and includes an understated mounting platform for your license plate. The Taillight itself is plug ‘n play with the included harness: all you have to do is unplug the stock taillight and plug the British Customs taillight straight into the stock wire harness and you’re good to go. The Tail Light will eliminate the mounting location of the rear Turn Signals. Thus installation of aftermarket turn signals are required. They can be mounted to the license plate with outpost brackets: here

Or you can mount them by under the seat using the airbox bolts using these brackets: here

Includes in kit:

  • Led Tail light
  • Plug and play harness (using oem connectors, to us universal turn signals with Bullet connectors, will need these
  • License plate bracket for US size plate and hardware


Bobber 2017 +
Bobber Black 2018 +