British Customs Air Box Removal Kit


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The better your Triumph Modern Classic breathes, the better it performs. Its just that simple. With the British Customs Air Box Elimination Kit you can remove the restrictions inherent with the OEM air box and snorkel configuration and open up the fuel system with some free-breathing K&N cone filters. Dollar for dollar, this is the best performance upgrade you can get for your Triumph


Increased air flow means more horsepower
Improved throttle response
Two high flow washable K&N filters
All necessary hardware for stock reinstallation included

What’s in the box:
British Customs Battery Box
Stainless Steel hardware
K&N High Flow Filters:
– Carb models include K&N RC-1920 Filters
– EFI models include K&N RC-2890 and RC-2900 Filters
K&N Crankcase Breather Hose Filter

Carb Models additionally include:
Carburetor Support Brace for carb models
Jetting Kit for carb models

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